Chicken Salt Bulk Buy (1kg satchel) organic
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Chicken Salt Bulk Buy (1kg satchel) organic

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Bulk up, you big chicken!

Chicken salt… It’s one of those naughty pleasures, isn’t it? One we only allow ourselves to indulge in from time to time, because we know it’s no good, right? Wrong!
Our chicken tastes just like traditional chicken salt, but with no hidden nasties! NONE! It’s just Himalayan pink salt laden with our nutrient dense dehydrated chicken bone broth. YUMMO! A sprinkle of Broth of Life’s chicken salt is the perfect way to have that extra special flavour without chemicals, preservatives, additives or MSG.
It’s delicious on hot chips, or as a seasoning to any meal.

Chicken Salt Ingredients:  Himalayan rock salt, dehydrated chicken broth (filtered water, organic free range chicken bones, organic celery, organic carrot, organic onion, organic garlic, Himalayan rock salt, organic pepper, organic apple cider vinegar).

Net weight: 1kg